Students auditioning for both Prep and CICO or CICO and YS may choose between the excerpts listed for the
two orchestras, then prepare and audition the chosen set. You will not be asked to play from both sets.

Audition Excerpts for Midseason Auditions 2018-19

Student musicians are encouraged to review the performances of these requirements on YouTube for guidance.

Youth Symphony

Scale Requirements

  • Winds and Brass
    • Chromatic Scale, full range (except French Horn)
    • Eb & A major scales
    • D melodic minor (2 octaves)
    • Scales in D to be played on trumpet one octave only
    • French Horn: Range Scale: C Major, starting at middle C (concert F), up as far as you can, then back down as far as you can.
  • Strings (Violin, Viola & Cello)
    • A & Eb major scales (3 octaves)
    • D melodic minor (3 octaves)
  • Strings (Bass)
    • G & Bb major scales (2 octaves)
    • F# melodic minor (2 octaves)

Audition Excerpts will be the same excerpts as the ILMEA All-State excerpts, as seen below: