Audition Excerpts

Student musicians are encouraged to review the performances of these requirements on YouTube for guidance.

Youth Symphony

Scale Requirements

  • Winds and Brass
    • ​Chromatic Scale, full range (except French Horn)
    • Eb & A major scales
    • D melodic minor (2 octaves)
    • French Horn: Range Scale: C Major, starting at middle C (concert F), up as far as you can, then back down as far as you can.
  • Strings (Violin, Viola & Cello)
    • A & Eb major scales (3 octaves)
    • D melodic minor (3 octaves)
  • Strings (Bass)
    • G & Bb major scales (2 octaves)
    • F# melodic minor (2 octaves)

Audition Excerpts will be posted in mid-March