Small Ensembles Mid-Season Auditions

Youth Music Illinois has several small ensembles, including the Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and the Honors String Quartets. Participation in the large ensembles is not required for participation in the small ensembles (except for the Honors String Quartets), however, it is highly encouraged to participate in a large ensemble as well.

Wind Ensemble & Brass Ensemble

Both these ensembles have auditions dates of January 10th and 13th. All YMI students participating in either CICO or YS are welcome to join these ensembles. Outside members may use the audition music found on this page:


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Mid-Season Auditions

Date: January 20, 2019

Mid-Season Auditions for all orchestras (YS, CICO, Prep) and small ensembles (Wind, Brass). RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY 20 DUE TO SNOW.

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What Available Spots
12:00-12:10 #1: Ilana J.
12:10-12:20 #1: Anna C.
12:20-12:30 #1: Sign up »
12:30-12:40 #1: Hannah J.
12:40-12:50 #1: Lavanya I.
12:50-1:00 #1: Sign up »
1:00-1:10 #1: Mya C.
1:10-1:20 #1: Sign up »
1:20-1:30 #1: Len B.
1:30-1:40 #1: Eden J.
1:40-1:50 #1: Sign up »
1:50-2:00 #1: Sign up »
2:00-2:10 #1: Aidan J.
2:10-2:20 #1: Sign up »
2:20-2:30 #1: Sign up »
2:30-2:40 #1: Shrimat C.
2:40-2:50 #1: Rylee M.
2:50-3:00 #1: Larry F.

Percussion Ensemble

Audition into the Percussion Ensemble is by appointment with director, Peggy Bonner.

Honors String Quartets

Membership in the Honors String Quartets is by invitation only.